Pre-Qualification Application

Apartment Details
Contact & Identification Information
Present Address
Previous Address
Spouse's Employment or Additional Income
Banking / Credit
Emergency Contact Information

Authorization to perform background checks:

  1. If this application is not accepted, the deposit will be immediately returned in full.
  2. Should the applicant fail to commence occupancy, the amount of earnest money permanently withheld by the landlord will be to the extent of the actual costs, damages, and lost rents (704.29) incurred.
  3. Verbal notification of acceptance is satisfactory.
  4. Applicant authorizes the Landlord to investigate credit, public records and financial responsibility, income, rental and eviction history, and the statements made in this application and to obtain a consumer credit report from a consumer-reporting agency. Applicant understands that falsification of information may be the sole reason for rejecting the application. Submitting this form authorizes Bieck Management to perform these background checks.